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  • etherburn2000
    Feb 10, 11:08 PM
    how about the Sony external DVD burner, is it compatiable with the Mac ibook?

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  • sushi
    Aug 6, 04:17 PM
    i keep looking for the next picture in the series...:P
    Aren't we playing strip poker? ;)

    To bad, iBlue just lost her current hand. Let's see, have to remove something. What could that be? :D

    Sorry e. :eek:

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  • Ommid
    Apr 25, 02:36 PM
    Hi all

    Is there anywhere to get some cheap ram for the 2008 Mac Pro

    It seems to be so expensive everywhere that it almost makes it not worth the upgrade!

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  • craiger902
    Apr 17, 07:31 AM
    How dependable will your Mac be in 10 years? I'd say it's pretty much irrelevant. Do you really think you'll be using the same computer in 10 years?

    I converted to a Mac for the first time last year at this time. I researched a bunch of stuff online and watched a number of videos to see the differences between Mac's and PC's. Once I got the Mac, I got the hang of it pretty quickly.

    In terms of security, I don't use any security software and I haven't noticed any problems.

    For file organization, I'd say it's very easy to keep files organized.

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  • calvol
    Apr 22, 03:10 PM
    Skype caused my 13-UMBA CPU temp to rise to 80C, installed Coolbook and now runs about 70-73C. Normal CPU temp at idle is 43C, and 38C with Coolbook (at .92v settings). Interestingly, when I run Skype on my Dell Latitude with an i5-540M processor/4MBram, the CPU only heats up from 50C to 55C. So the Skype temp effect is much greater on the MBA, probably because of the C2D is working harder.

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  • Beanoir
    May 4, 05:22 AM
    If you wipe the SSD, as the OP indicated, there IS no Safari history left.... or Safari.

    I know, it was just a wee bit of humour. ;)

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  • puckhead193
    Dec 26, 08:34 PM
    what happened to their email support system.... :confused:

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  • JSage
    Mar 18, 04:26 PM
    Just got back from best buy croydon. Asked a guy about the launch. He said they will be selling at 5pm and has no idea of stock levels
    Not sure i'll be there at 4am!!!

    This doesn't bode well if true :(

    link (;=31)

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  • Doctor Q
    Aug 12, 01:34 PM
    Hmm... an Apple website replaced by a section on iTunes... this is obviously proof that Apple intends to pull the entire World Wide Web into iTunes and create a walled garden where the entire internet is controlled by THEM, MUHAHAHA!
    Good idea. They could call it the Apple Online Living-room, AOL for short. :)

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  • NickK1066
    Oct 1, 07:46 AM
    So is everyone gonna have to change their checkout page from "buy this song" to "license this song"?

    So it will be interesting if the licencing allows the user to hold the content without a licence (just as a car can be held without having a driving licence).

    This means that content could be distributed legally without the need of distributors. Then only when you listen to it do you require a licence to listen to it.

    No copyright theft, just unlicenced use. So will the record industry attempt to become the sole licence issuer - you can bet on it..

    Although that does not prevent the licence from stating that you cannot copy it etc. So what's interesting is - who is going to read the billion different licences that will now bombard the user? This is a change without the rules inplace to protect the public. This has now made the purchasing of music online unfeasable for the public user and you will have to buy through a provider because of the legal minefield.

    That is *if* you have agreed to the licence. Is there a law requiring you to have a licence to listen to music? Not that I'm aware of... it would then fall on the music owner to prove on each case that you're an unlicenced individual and that they have to then show how much they'd loose in revenue to the judge... so the value (cost per track) is really low although you may end up with the legal fees..

    Or am I barking up the wrong tree?

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  • thermodynamic
    Apr 23, 06:22 PM
    A big problem with the big megapixels is the amount of storage they take on your phone. You cannot adjust the megapixel size down with a phone camera like you can with a point & shoot camera. A 16 megapixel camera in a phone will not give you a better picture than a 5 megapixel camera in a phone. A phone just does not have the room to install a quality sensor.

    Exactly, re: sensors. The amount of electricity-induced noise on a small 16MP sensor for a cell camera is going to render images fairly useless at large sizes (even 8.5x11 would doubtlessly require a lot of cleanup work.) For practical purposes, it may as well remain a 3MP sensor...

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  • Rt&Dzine;
    Mar 17, 04:04 PM
    Fred's thinking, "I stills gots me twelve mores."

    Actually, it would be, "I stills gots me nine mores," because 3 others are also estranged.

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  • dolphin842
    Feb 20, 04:42 PM
    Since both drives are internal, you can indeed dedicate one drive to Windows.

    If you plan on using it frequently and feel like opening it, you can upgrade the ram and stick an ssd in for a significant boost in responsiveness.

    Other than that, you could put Plex on it to replace the AppleTV, or use it as a file/webserver, etc.

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  • mdwsta4
    Apr 20, 08:49 PM
    what are the main differences between the iphone and ipad versions? Figure I could just buy the iphone version and use it on the ipad with fullforce.

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  • BC2009
    Sep 13, 10:52 AM
    What operating system and browser are you using?

    The Apple symbols that you're able to see are just GIF images (one of the smilies provided by this message board is an Apple logo.) You can see this one (:apple:), because it's just an image. But you can only see this one () if you have the necessary fonts installed, which all iOS devices and Macs should.

    I think you are dead-on. One of them is a font character which requires the Apple font installed, the other is an image.

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  • Wicked1
    Feb 23, 07:41 AM
    You can install Snow Leopard client from a USB stick. You can google for instructions on how to prepare a USB stick.

    A clean install of Snow Leopard would be ideal unless you're moving from an old Mac and would rather not setup and configure everything again.

    Or Do what I am thinking of doing after the next Mini refresh, just buy an external USB CD/DVD for $30

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  • Legion93
    Apr 23, 02:50 PM
    You can eventually control the alien mothership in space with 64GB of RAM.

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  • jaseone
    Dec 20, 09:54 PM
    I can remember reading about finger print scanners easily and consistently being able to fbe fooled, I think in particular it was those PDA based ones (google for it), they are NOT foolproof at all and using them for security purposes is simply a bad idea. At least on their own they would be fairly useless, with a separate passcode that pairs with the finger print the security would improve but still I wouldn't bother.

    It's like at work we have smartcards that we can use for logon purposes but still need a passcode as well that just seems like a pointless exercise to me sure it adds another layer of security but not another good layer so why bother?

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  • nobias
    Aug 6, 02:56 PM
    Anyone know where you can buy micro sims in Beijing?

    Or is cutting the only option?

    Apr 26, 04:02 PM
    Mac 101: Preview (Mac OS X v10.5 and later) ( says:
    Preview makes it easy to read Portable Document Files (PDFs) and open popular image files (including JPEG, TIFF, and PNG). More than just a file viewer, Preview offers essential editing capabilities, such as resizing, rotation and cropping, and even lets you add annotations to share your comments. Learn how to use Preview to work with your PDFs and image files.
    found via "mac preview (;=en&q;=mac+preview&ie;=UTF-8&oe;=UTF-8)"

    Dec 20, 08:27 PM

    I destroyed the case on my previous PB trying to swap the drive. It was awful, and you are so correct the PBFixit, does such a p
    oor job in explaining this part. Thans for the tip!

    Apr 24, 05:10 PM
    Did you try googling the obvious: palindrome python program

    One of the top 10 hits is this:

    nstead this sounds like an academic assignment/exercise/what-have-you.

    A quick suggestion OP : If this is homework, do not try "googling the obvious" and especially do not copy/paste code from the top 10 hits. If it was that easy to find, your teacher already found it also and will fail you with good reason when you try to turn in "Internet" code.

    Young Spade
    Apr 21, 01:28 PM
    So here's my questions for all you Mac guys out there:

    How is security on a Mac as opposed to a PC?

    Pretty damn good. I rarely ever (I don't think I actually have) read about someone getting a virus on their Mac. I don't have any virus protection software and everything is running just fine on mine.

    Is it easy to keep files and programs organized and easily accessible?

    Very easy. Coming from a PC it takes a little getting used to in the fact that you can't just add an organization bar at the top (date of creation, time, date of modification, etc.) [Unless you can, if so, someone let me know :)] You also can't cut and paste, you have to either drag and drop or copy/paste then delete the original.

    How is the "ease of use" for a Mac beginner? I wanna be able to get it and go! Just like with my iPhone.

    Very easy. At a basic point it seems to be a little easier and more user friendly than a windows PC is. Everything is done a certain way and if you can wrap your head around it, it's very simple. HOwever you have keyboard commands which make Macs very efficient. The use of spaces also drastically improves this with the ability to have "unlimited" desktops, each of which you can switch to at any time.

    And my number one priority, how dependable will my Mac be in 2,4,and 10 years down the line if I can't just go and get another one?

    Very dependable. Of course if you're speaking spec wise, it depends on what you get now, although you can always upgrade the specs.

    I'm using an 08 BlackBook right now and love it; 2.2ghz, 4 gigs of ram, and a 320gb hard drive. Amazingly fast and it never lags, allows me to run XP and 7 in a virtual window (within a program, not a separate OS) without much slowdown either.

    Apr 20, 04:33 PM
    Was there a reason you have one of the Few Razer Mice that is not suported for Mac? Mamba, Naga, Imperator, Orochi, DeathAdder, Spectre. All are Mac compatable.
    Razer Naga Spec ( the one I use)
    5600DPI Razer Precision 3.5G Laser Sensor
    17 fully programmable MMO-optimized buttons
    Maximum comfort for long gaming sessions
    Custom interface AddOns for MMO games
    PC/Mac compatible

    "Razer already provides full Mac support for a few of its gaming peripherals -- including the Naga and DeathAdder -- and basic support for others, but it's now taken avantage of GDC to "reaffirm" its commitment to Mac users. That apparently means that "all upcoming" Razer products -- including the company's line of StarCraft II peripherals -- will boast full Mac support out of the box, and that the company will be rolling out updates to some of its existing products "later this year," including the Orochi, Mamba, and Imperator gaming mice. First Steam, now Razer peripherals -- dare we say it's a good time to be a Mac gamer? "

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