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  • dernhelm
    Mar 29, 12:57 PM
    He wears mock turtlenecks all the time:;=en&q;=steve+jobs+turtleneck&oe;=UTF-8&um;=1&ie;=UTF-8&ei;=WNawS5yOFYKB8gbamJXdCw&sa;=X&oi;=image_result_group&ct;=title&resnum;=1&ved;=0CB0QsAQwAA

    And everyone knows the real reason you wear turtlenecks!

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  • efoto
    Sep 17, 01:32 AM
    So I come to you this eve, asking advice to this extent:

    How would one go about dating an Apple employee??

    (of a local Apple store....not Apple corporate, perhaps it doesn't matter, I don't know)

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  • 4JNA
    Apr 18, 08:23 PM
    ...I think that's applies here. Using a Mac is so simple, generally speaking, that the folding@home pages seem obtuse in comparison. The pages are all ugly, and instructions are unclear, and files seem to be missing that instruction pages reference.

    To increase participation I recommend that a very clear communicator make a new thread (perhaops a sticky) with *dead simple* step by step instructions w/screenshorts on how to install and turn it on (circa 2010). Maybe even a screen flow that just shows exactly how to it, hosted on a service with crystal clear video like Get our mirror neurons goin', yaknow?

    i agree 100% with everything you just said. that said, which version, of which client, on which system, running which OS.... :confused::eek: you get the idea. it's a huge program with lots of different possible setups, and can be a real nightmare to get/keep running.

    i know lots about folding, but have no idea how to help you with your current setup questions, the big units are way out of my league, and anything posted in a sticky will likely be out of date very quickly. it's dynamic and changes and updates on a regular basis. that's a good thing, but it makes keeping up with folding very difficult and time consuming.

    forums like this and the official F@H forums are a really good place to start. asking questions (like you already did) is a great start, because everyone here/there want to fold and help others fold, as it's the point of the whole thing. more people folding is always better than less, therefore help all who ask. there are several here running clients on systems just like yours and will likely respond in turn. best of luck getting it sorted out.

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  • iGary
    Sep 14, 08:42 PM
    If I'm awake...OMG!!!! :eek: :eek: :eek:

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  • BlizzardBomb
    Jun 1, 10:03 AM
    I've edited the original post. I've changed "Mac Software" to just "Software". Making it more of a hybrid of the previous options.

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  • beatzfreak
    Apr 27, 03:39 PM
    What was Trump saying about our jobs going to China?

    Trump also told CNN last year: "When it comes to manufacturing, China is making all of these products. And they could be made in North Carolina, they could be made in Alabama, they could be made in lots of our places. And right now they're not. Personally, I'd tax China very, very heavily. "

    more... (

    Run Donald run!

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  • 840quadra
    Sep 25, 11:21 PM
    Here you go (;=41).

    Those bots are too dang quick!

    You beat me to it!

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  • CEAbiscuit
    Oct 27, 08:09 AM
    I love everything I can do with .mac, and I am willing to pay the $99 bucks for iDisk, Sync , etc. But please increase the storage space. I know it's been said 100 times, but 1 gb is just a joke.

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  • bboucher790
    Apr 5, 09:07 AM
    Consumer Reports gave the iPhone 4 the highest rating out of every smartphone last year. They said it was a good phone, but couldn't recommend it due to the antenna design.

    The same is done with cars. A few years ago, the Passat was the highest rated sedan. CR didn't recommend it due to previous reliability woes. Their system is fairly simple to understand, and quite useful.

    CR is, IMO, the best starting point to find out if a product is reliable or has a known defect. From there, I expand my research with
    more detailed reviews.

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  • sebastianlewis
    Jun 1, 01:38 AM
    I don't think the number of clicks is the best metric here. If there are hundreds of articles in a category, it takes a long time to skim through the list of them. If you can spend a few extra seconds narrowing down what you're looking for, it can be much faster to find something.

    Then that means merging articles wherever possible, and as I suggested before, using the subcategories as filters rather than points of separation. That way we can reduce article clutter while simultaneously avoiding arbitrary separation between different types of software simply because they don't fit the idea of being "Mac" like.

    OK, let's take this one small step at a time and see what we've come up with.

    Option 1
    Mac Hardware - I'm in favour of "Mac Hardware", not just "Hardware". No need to split iPhone/ iPod software apart.

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  • thisisahughes
    Mar 25, 01:42 AM
    that almost makes me feel bad for selling a 16gb wi-fi only for $375 last week. Oh well...i'm over it.


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  • shartypants
    Mar 25, 09:52 AM
    Kodak, just admit that you royally screwed up and missed the boat when the world went digital, don't try to suck money from the winners by suing them. Why not get the money from customers instead by making products that people actually want to buy.

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  • Sabacrow
    May 2, 03:54 PM
    Why not just set Chrome's tab settings to open all links in a new tab? Or get an add-on if that setting isn't in Chrome by default?

    I've searched for a Chrome add-on that would let me change the keyboard shortcut, but again I found nothing

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  • peterdevries
    Apr 12, 03:13 PM
    the gap between office 2011 on mac and office 2011 on windows is very tiny now.

    That's enough reason for me not to buy it. The ridiculous illogical placement of buttons on that damned ribbon destroys the user experience to such an extent that I can live with iWorks only.

    It's about time Microsoft starts talking to actual users. I work in the typical MS Office business environment and I have NEVER met anyone who is completely happy with the user experience of the office package.

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  • 1080p
    Nov 17, 10:28 PM
    White iPhone is sexy. Not to mention that cases ...especially that stupid bumper attract dust that scratch the phone. My metal antenna band already has tons of scratches from it.

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  • THX1139
    Sep 21, 01:28 PM
    My Macpro is shipping tomorrow, I wonder if they will do the update since it's still technically in their hands.

    Speaking of which, the build times are much faster! I ordered my Macpro with X1900, 2 gigs of ram, Bluetooth/Airport and 160 drive last Saturday. They placed a hold on my order until Tuesday while verifying my educational status, then sent me a notice the next day (Wednesday) telling me that my order is being processed. My Macpro is scheduled to ship tomorrow and my new 23" ACD is on the truck for delivery today. If everything goes well, I might have a new system for the weekend. That's pretty damn fast for a BTO!

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  • sebastianlewis
    Jun 1, 05:29 AM
    How does what I said mean we should merge articles whenever possible? :confused:

    I don't think MediaWiki supports using categories as filters.

    If there's a "Terminal Commands" subcategory of a "Software" category, the CLI applications are still classed as software. By putting them in a subcategory, we are not hiding them, shunning them or separating them by "walls of steel". We are merely putting articles in logical groupings to make them easier to find. They are not split off because they're not "Mac-like".

    A simpler category structure does not necessarily make the guides any simpler to use.

    Sorry, I wasn't trying to change what you said or anything, I was just using what you said (that the list in the category would become quite long) as a reason for why we should reduce the total amount of articles by merging articles wherever possible.

    And no it doesn't support filters, but we can certainly fake it.

    They're split off from the main software category because of the perception that a lot of users may not want to look at the Terminal... it does reduce the amount of articles in the main software category.

    Good point on the category structure not necessarily making it easier to use... errr... I'll get back to you on this, it looks like I'm going to be up quite a bit longer than I'd like anyway, I'm having MacPorts update some of my outdated packages and gcc42 has been building for the past 3 hours.


    Edit: Also I'm not entirely against a Beta, but it has to be small scale so w
    e have far less editing to do, not an entire category, but maybe a small subset of the articles in that category in a test category.

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  • thebubbatex
    Apr 12, 04:40 PM
    The survey is flawed if it's estimating US sales by polling only US buyers.

    Why is it flawed? They specifically state it is a US based survey.

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  • bigjnyc
    Apr 12, 01:56 PM
    Pages and Number are TRASH compared to Word and Excel(especially excel)

    Keynote is actually pretty good!

    Dont be a uninformed fanboy. k? Thanks

    I agree. Numbers can't even tie excel's shoe laces lol.

    Apr 21, 03:08 PM
    1. Apple is an American company. Their products get released in the US first. The US market is and should remain their primary concern. If the US is going to LTE, that's where Apple needs to go.

    2. Apple innovates. It's what they do. Innovate a way to offer LTE with acceptable battery life.

    3. Processor speed for phones is overrated, especially when apps are written to account for legacy hardware in the wild. No one is going to write an A-5 only App as long as the iPad 1, iPhone 4 & 3GS level tech remains so widely held.

    1. I believe Apple wants the best for their US and Non-US customers, you guys should stop differentiate yourselves from the rest of the world, you are not any special than us. No offence.

    2. From the last financial report Q&A;:

    Q: How do you think of the maturity of LTE? And Apple's sense of urgency to get products out?
    A: I was asked this question when we launched the iPhone with Verizon. The first generation of LTE chipsets forced a lot of design compromises. Some of those we are just not willing to make. We are extremely happy with the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 3GS. And hitting 18.6 million units was something much larger than we thought we could do this quarter. And to 3 more large carriers.

    Innovating worth nothing if done wrong. I didn't say Apple will never adopt it. I said it might not be the best time at the moment. This statement from Apple seems in line with what I said.

    3. This is the exact same thing that I said earlier:
    when people will realize that computer usability lies in the software and not the hardware?
    You say processor speed is overrated, that the actual iPhone are good enough, yet you disagree on LTE/4G to not be implemented this year? Isn't 3G good enough?
    You say in two years time bla bla I'd wish I had 4G on my current iPhone, and why wouldn't I wish for a better processor? Make up your mind.

    LTE coverage is already decent in the US thanks to verizon's aggressive rollout. They already cover 110 million Americans (over a third). They'll be in 145 markets by year's end, covering well over half of the US. Full coverage by 2013.

    Immaterial. Package size is not directly proportional to die size as any sort of general rule. You also presume the iPhone 4's PCB is so dense it couldn't handle a larger package (if needed). All speculation on your part.

    The battery is the same rating (25 whr) and the device gets the same (if not better in some tests) battery life than the iPad 1. Debunked.

    Unsubstantiated claims followed by baseless speculation.

    Of course mine are speculation, I brought the argument up because I'd like to hear someone else's opinion.
    Rumors are saying the next iPhone iteration could be having the same package of the current iPhone. I'm bringing two facts up, the A5 die is bigger then the A4 as both are 45nm. And at the iPad2 keynote they said how could they manage to get the same hours of battery life with a much powerful processor, the answer was that their engineer had a workaround - later to be found an additional pack of battery.

    Considered this I think that Apple will redesign the internals of the new iteration if they are going to use the same package.

    About the network, this: Full coverage by 2013.
    Second of all: Verizon. What about AT&T;?
    Third and I repeat this, you guys should not be considered special compared to the rest of the world.
    The fact that Apple used GSM technology for the first iPhone was infact that they could rollout their product to other countries as CDMA is not adopted as much as GSM worldwide. The same applies to LTE/4G. There is no reason of adding hardware that can be adopted by a quarter of the customers if not less that that. It's a waste of money in design and implementation, let alone that even Apple is not willing to make the leap with compromise that are not willing to make by adopting this fairly new technology.

    Nov 14, 09:59 AM
    Zune will probably only need an adapter to work with all this stuff

    Jun 22, 04:14 PM
    Originally Posted by snberk103
    I'm just wondering *why* Apple is choosing this time to introduce built in SD card readers.

    "This time" being last summer, when they started including them in MacBooks?

    They don't really need a reason besides pretty much every consumer camera using SD media these days.

    Was it really that long ago? Time flies, eh? Anyway.... They could have added it to the Mini back then quietly and without redesigning the whole case, similar to the way that the 5th USB port was added, if it was to satisfy photographers.

    And they didn't need to immediately go to the top end SDXC.... most consumer cameras aren't using those cards yet. Once the low or middle speed SD card reader was added, it would have been easy to upgrade it to the top end SD card reader in a few years when those cards were more widely used. This would have been more in line of Apple's philosophy of increasing specs and features and keeping prices down. i.e. Today's new Mini has plain SD card reader, and in a year they "add" the faster reader to make a "new" new Mini.

    I think there is something more to this... we'll just have to stay tuned, eh?

    Sep 25, 10:51 AM
    Which camera do you have?
    Sigma. And they announce a new one tomorrow.

    Apr 1, 12:03 PM
    I'm always amazed at how much work studios go to to keep people from watching their shows.

    This is the weird reality. TV Networks spend millions and even billions of dollars try
    ing to get as many people to watch their shows for free, and then they also spend a great deal of time and money trying to stop people from watching their tv shows for free.

    Imagine if they spend that energy just trying to properly record viewers for those outlets instead of weirdly begging people to watch their shows for free and then on the other hand demand they don't watch their shows for free.

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