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  • anti-microsoft
    Mar 3, 09:55 AM
    ^^^^^"Thank you for your tolerance" coming from someone named "anti-microsoft" has to be somewhat ironic, right??????

    hahaha! True, I joined in 2006 when Microsoft was Apple's biggest enemy... If I could just rename myself to "ALittleLessTolerantOfGoogleThanApple"


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  • mintlivedotcom
    Nov 1, 07:02 PM
    I love my do-it-all, Epson CX5400 with individual ink tanks and an amazing price ($60 after rebates recently at Fry's Electronics in Phoenix).

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  • HelloPanda
    Apr 22, 06:04 PM
    I apologize if I may have violated the rules with regard to asking a question about selling an item, it's not may intention to come here to pawn something off.

    As for my friend, we have known each other since kindergarten (now in our 30s) and I originally offered to give it to him for free but he insisted on paying a fair-market price.

    I wouldn't sell it to a friend. Help him find a seller instead.

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  • sonofpismo
    Dec 20, 04:54 AM
    Last time I went to meet-up with some people in SF, we ended up in a "massage" parlor. :eek::o:D

    More information please...

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  • Blondie :)
    Apr 23, 06:47 PM
    I'm sure that you can get it repaired at the apple store in New York City. It shouldn't take them too long either. However, since your MacBook model is a decent amount older than most, I would call them up before you head to U.S.A. and have them order the parts directly to the store. From there they should be able to get you fixed up and on your way :) I don't know about cost'll have to ask apple.


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  • chrisperro
    Apr 29, 08:52 PM
    Is yours the white unibody MacBook? Did you see wine on the motherboard?
    no is not unibody and yes i saw wine in the motherboard,even if u don't see any what do you have to lose anyways just clean it.

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  • TheMacBookPro
    Apr 28, 02:54 AM
    i have the windows cd but i have no idea how to repair it using the cd. can someone help me with the commands?

    XP, Vista, 7?

    If XP: Insert disc, hold alt/opt at startup then choose the Windows disc. Wait for the computer to load all the drivers etc. Then press the following keys in the following order: 'Enter', 'F8', then 'R'. Then follow the onscreen prompts. It'll look like Windows is reinstalling itself but it is actually just repairing the system. All your files and settings will be preserved.

    Vista/7: Insert disc, hold alt/opt at startup then choose the Windows disc. Wait for the computer to load the Windows installer. Choose language/kb layout/etc then click Next. Don't click Install now, instead, select Repair your computer. Choose your Windows installation in the popup and click Next. Installer will search for problems and give you the option to repair you installation, if possible.


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  • funny quotes about kids. funny

  • a1rflow
    Mar 31, 02:00 PM
    I also have a pair. They're a perfect complement to my iPhone when used with the headset.

    About the bass response, I've found that getting a great, punchy, and tight kick sound depends mainly on the fitting of the earbuds. Achieving an air-tight seal is critical for this.

    All in all a great pair of earbuds!

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  • cube
    Nov 1, 12:18 PM
    I want a Hardware category.

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  • My name is Alex
    Sep 24, 07:51 AM
    So...Labor is in, can I have my broadband...please?

    I want broadband. This election got the award for the most boring campaign. Ever.

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  • chown33
    Mar 25, 10:35 AM

    Also called place-value notation.

    See the Conversion headings.

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  • Nameci
    Apr 19, 06:06 PM
    for sure you have a faulty gfx chip. Your best bet is to replace the logic board.

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  • Jman14
    Jun 24, 05:47 PM
    dang I would have gave you $1150 shipped to US

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  • twoodcc
    Nov 20, 07:53 PM
    you can only run gpu3 with nvidia 400 series cards, unless you run the command like this:

    fah -gpu 0 -forcegpu nvidia_g80 -advmethods -verbosity 9 -local

    try that with what you did before and see if it works!

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  • tomozj
    Jul 23, 09:13 PM
    Haha, can't wait!

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  • MBP13
    May 4, 12:53 AM
    ^Thanks for the advice, I'll go ahead and remove the link to the auction so that no one else takes what I want. :D

    Though, I will re-upload the photos.

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  • mbl42
    Dec 10, 07:25 PM
    I can include one Zip 100 disc with jewel case. The drive is a Zip 250 from Iomega, a nice blue plastic like the iMac G3s and in mint condition. I think it has USB and SCSI, not sure though. Make me an offer that includes shipping for the drive and disc.

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  • KBP
    Jun 23, 05:24 PM
    For the people planning on showing up at 2 am or 5 am or any time before 7 pretty much... is it because you don't have a reservations, or because you need to get your phone before work at 9? Or is it for any other reason? Do you not believe it will be possible to get a phone if you show up at say 7 or 8 am?

    If I have a reservation and I show up at 8 am, do you think there will be a phone for me? Personally showing up at 8 am and waiting 3 hours would be much more pleasant than showing up at 4 am and waiting 3 hours and getting the first phone at 7.

    Is it just because people need to have their phone at 7 am that they camp out, or because they are worried they will not otherwise get one?

    Partly because I never got to reserve one. Also because I do wNt the newest thing. I've been out here for36 hours...

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  • ciTiger
    Apr 22, 02:13 PM
    This buys more time for Apple to launch the iPhone 5 :p

    Jul 6, 04:27 PM
    Strange! I had the same problem about 2 days ago. I finally used google to search for answers. Ended up that I didnt need to call adelphia, all I had to do was unplug both the airport extreme and the cable modem. Then wait like 30 seconds, plug the two together via ethernet cord, then plug in the modem, wait for it to reset then plug in the Airport....

    All that headache for something so damn simple.....

    Aug 17, 02:01 PM
    Hey can you guys tell me what I need to change to become valid html?

    Result: Tentatively passed validation
    File: test.html
    Encoding: utf-8
    Doctype: -//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 TRANSITIONAL//EN

    Unknown Parse Mode!
    The MIME Media Type (text/html) for this document is used to serve both SGML and XML based documents, and it is not possible to disambiguate it based on the DOCTYPE Declaration in your document. Parsing will continue in SGML mode.

    No DOCTYPE found!
    Attempting validation with HTML 4.01 Transitional.
    The DOCTYPE Declaration was not recognized or is missing. This probably means that the Formal Public Identifier contains a spelling error, or that the Declaration is not using correct syntax. Validation has been performed using a default "fallback" Document Type Definition that closely resembles "HTML 4.01 Transitional", but the document will not be Valid until you have corrected this problem with the DOCTYPE Declaration.

    This Page Is Tentatively Valid -//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 TRANSITIONAL//EN
    The uploaded document "test.html" was checked and found to be tentatively valid -//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 TRANSITIONAL//EN. This means that with the use of some fallback or override mechanism, we successfully performed a formal validation using an SGML or XML Parser. In other words, the document would validate as -//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 TRANSITIONAL//EN if you changed the markup to match the changes we have performed automatically, but it will not be valid until you make thes
    e changes

    The code I have for this so far is:

    What else do I need to become valid?

    Apr 29, 01:01 PM
    iTunes can read all of those folders of music just fine, just tell it not to manage your library or copy your stuff around, and itll probably do fine. You can also ofc choose to play all of your audio and video in Quicktime X, which is still there on a Mac, and still useful. But iTunes for Mac is what Windows Media Player is for Windows. You can also use VLC on the Mac to play files QuickTime cant handle.

    Flash is just fine on the Mac, the only times you hear about problems are from people with PowerPC Macs, and the high CPU load has decreased dramatically with the latest upgrades from Adobe. As an example, my 5 year old very first gen Intel iMac (You know, the 1.83 Core Duo), running a Flash Video, as well as several instances of this forum with Flash Ads, my CPU is currently at 35%, and thats with iTunes, Mail, iCal, Messenger, Skype open as well.

    Ok, thanks, you're reassured me ) But it seems that after switchin, "dancing with a tambourine" will not disappear ...
    This is the essence of computer *sigh* :rolleyes:

    Mar 18, 05:00 AM
    To anyone who has experience or has worked at Apple can you give me the positions of a retail store by rank? like genius, specialist, store manager being #1 obviously, etc. Also which position requires additional training such as going to Cupertino.

    Lowest - Concierge
    2nd Lowest - hourly sales rep(paid low.. like 10 or 9 an hour)
    Middle - Product Specialist

    The highest being Genius at almost 20 dollars an hour...

    The ABSOLUTE HIGHEST - General Manager of the retail store.. and of course the top is: DISTRICT MANAGER.

    Personally, I hate RETAIL as it takes away time from family and other important tasks one needs.. Plus I prefer 9-5 with weekends off. I am an Administrator for a small, family size firm and my hours are not retail.. been there done that - retail has no future, and from what I heard how reps are treated in an apple retail store, a lot complain about the pay which is too low and with gas prices going sky high and food prices also(recession ISN'T OVER, but RE-GENERATING), its impossible to survive on the rate of pay for a retail sales rep.

    If you want to make it in the Apple Store, I'd suggest Genius or if you have managerial experience, Store Manager.

    Apr 20, 06:11 PM
    If I bring this to the Genius Bar, which is the more likely outcome: they will fix it, or exchange it? I'd like to know so I can start copying my files off of the computer.

    if youre within 14 days you should be able to exchange it

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